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How does an electrostatic disinfecting sprayer work?

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How does an electrostatic disinfecting sprayer work?

Sanitizing Surgeons utilizes the best in the industry, Victory Professional Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

The electrostatic sprayer positively charges the chemical droplets to attract and cling itself to the surface and inside items, which are negatively charged (everything we see around us). Comparing that to the common sprayers/misters or foggers, which are widely in use today and bought from big box stores. They simply create a mist or fog that floats in the air and is ineffective to disinfect & sanitize in any meaningful touch-less method. Nea Guidelines states that wet fogging or aerosol process is not advisable, because it is ineffective & forces cross contamination. Cross contamination due to the need to wipe down all surfaces because those products do not create and electric charge in the droplets.

By utilizing the victory electrostatic sprayer, we can disinfect & sanitize large areas, with a touch-less approach. The sprayer coats and disinfects all surfaces, from floor to ceiling and everything in-between. The electrostatic charged particles actively seek out negatively charged particles, all around and inside surfaces. Our professional disinfection service is proven and disinfects against 99.99% of harmful viruses, bacterial, fungi, mould, mildew and any common virus, COVID-19 included. Our chemical disinfectant is EPA registered & CDC approved, safe for humans & pets, and NON-Toxic.